1.  100% all-natural, individualized skincare

AIKI SKIN products are made with ingredients that are natural, organic, wildcrafted, virgin, raw, cold-pressed, cruelty-free, wheat and gluten-free, and sustainable. We select our ingredients based on their efficacy, supreme healing properties, and for their end use. After all, no two people have the same skin! Our collection of products are created to suit individual skin concerns, or are made to build on one another to form a personalized regimen. 

Learn more about the specific ingredients that we use HERE.

2.  No chemicals, no fillers... not even water!

There are no parabens, silicones, artificial fragrances, petroleum, sulphates, phthalates, PEGs, DEA, TEA, or any other chemicals in our products. We refuse to use any fillers - not even water! Only the good stuff goes into our formulations!

Learn more about what we avoid in our formulations and why, HERE.

3.  Handcrafted, in small batches, with holistic packaging practices

Our products are lovingly made by hand, in small batches, with proprietary formulas that have been carefully created without any shortcuts or purchased base formulas. We use dark jars and glass bottles to protect the sensitive contents inside from sunlight and to help maintain more effective formulas.

AIKI SKIN is based on a truly holistic approach to skincare and, as such, is devoted to maintaining holistic practices in business and packaging. When you purchase AIKI SKIN products, you can feel comforted knowing that:

  • 10% of all profits go to charity
  • Our packaging is fully recyclable (though we encourage you to re-use our bottles and jars first!)
  • We even save the bubble wrap and other packaging from our suppliers and re-use them to help protect our products while they’re on their way to you!
  • We try to use recycled paper in our packaging and advertising, and as little of it as possible!

5.  A focus on internal health

When it comes to our skin, each one of us is unique. Our individual DNA combine with the conditions of our existence - the food we eat, the environment we live in, the stresses and emotions we endure, etc, - to create complex issues in our skin. 

That's why at AIKI SKIN, we believe in having a holistic approach to your skincare - taking care of the inner you with proper nutrition, exercise, and mental approaches, as well as using products that are more customized to your skin needs.

Just think about it! YOU have very specific and individual levels of the various hormones in your body - all of which are affected by your diet, your exercise (every person requires different amounts AND different types), and the everyday stresses you endure. These hormones directly influence your skin - how much or how little oil it produces, if a rash from an allergy develops, etc. And don't be surprised if 5 years down the road (or even 1 year), your hormones change and your skin needs change as well. They say that every 7 years we regenerate completely new cells - and these cells are based on how you live your life. They're your body's way of changing to reflect or fight against your lifestyle. Some people develop allergies later in life - these are a perfect example of how the body can change. So too can your skin! You can help it become the best version it can be by providing it with the best foundation - with the nutrients found in the food you eat and an all-natural skincare solution that complements its existing structure. 

All nutritional information presented in AIKI SKIN packaging are simply suggestions based on common healthy nutritional and lifestyle practices. We do not endorse that they will 100% solve your skin issues. For those with severe skin issues like acne, eczema, rosacea, or anything else of concern, we encourage seeking personalized professional support from registered Holistic Nutritionists or Naturopaths to help determine specific underlying dietary and lifestyle causes. 

To learn more about what to eat and do for your skin type, select from one of the four options under MIND & BODY:

  • EARTH = Normal/Combination Skin
  • AIR = Sensitive Skin
  • FIRE = Oily/Acne-Prone Skin
  • WATER = Dry Skin