Body Scrub

Body Scrub


Slough away those dead skin cells, melt that cellulite, and get your glow on with this luxurious sugar scrub. Infused with golden minerals, this scrub will leave your skin visibly shimmering!

To use: Scoop a palm-sized amount with a clean, dry hand and massage gently over the entire body in circular motions. Rinse off sugar crystals afterwards to reveal smooth, moisturized skin that'll make you feel like a glowing Goddess!

Ingredients: Raw Sugar*, Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Honey*, Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Apricot Shells Exfoliant, Shea Butter*, Fair-Trade Coffee*, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oils (Sweet Orange*, Benzoin, Pink Grapefruit, Cocoa Absolut), Mica   *Virgin Organic

Comes in a 250ml/8oz dark amber PET jar.

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